I first played roulette in a real casino in the days before online games were invented. The online game is very popular now but there are still many real casinos with real wheels. Back then I did not know what a roulette system was and I witnessed people placing random bets without any thought, and inevitably losing in the long run.

Imagine the scenario - As I became more familiar with the game I realised that if I placed an even bet ie red/black odd/even then if I lost all I had to do was double the next bet and if I won I would get back to where I started. Of course it didn't take long before I realised that if a run of blacks came up and I had bet on red , for example, the stake I had to risk increased enormously on each spin. Having said that I did have some success and I knew when to stop. I discovered some time later that I hadn't invented this system - it was well known as the Martindale system

Many roulette systems have been devised apart from Martindale and are well documented. Some are quite complicated and it's impossible to keep track of the progress of a system and table bets and working out if there is a bias in the system, let alone make a decision about which one is performing best. SpinnersApp tracks 24 well known betting systems and every table bet: Red , Black, Odd, Even etc. and displays graphically if the system is biased.

No documented roulette system takes into account the possibility that the wheel is biased. Mechanically in the case of a real wheel or skewed in the case of a random number generator in an online game.

SpinnersApp, uniquely, analyses a wheel and displays graphically if the wheel is biased.


In addition LendsApp calculates trends for each system. The trend is calculated using a mathematical technique known as Linear Regression. As the value of the bank changes, the trend is recalculated. Even if the bank is showing positive, the trend could be negative over the whole session . The bank values at each spin are used to calculate the trend and shown as a bar chart. The maximum and minimum bank values are shown on the chart.


You are free to choose whichever system you wish. SpinnersApp will help you make that choice. The more you use SpinnersApp as a companion to your roulette game the better your chance of finding a wheel that works in your favour. Remember though on a perfectly fair random system the casino pays out at 35:1 with 37 possible outcomes. Always be prepared to walk away.